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Quartz open Shelving
ice cooler in Island
Dekton Rem used on worktop and Island and floating shelf on a modern designed kitchen in an open pla
Eternal Serena - Kitchen.jpg
A classic kitchen design with quartz wall cladding and quartz Island. Short viening scattered throug
White Macaubas - Kitchen.jpg
Soke - kitchen.jpg
Radium - kitchen.jpg
Classic Calacatta - Kitchen.jpg
built in ice cooler, quartz worktop, island,wall cladding

About Us

"Granite & Marble Crafts is an established manufacturer of natural stone and quartz products specialising in kitchen worktops, headstones, fireplaces, vanity units and staircases.

We pride ourselves in bringing the beauty of natural stone and quartz from the workshop to you. "

David Lyons

waterfall end on island, waterfall gable, modern kitchen island

Our Collection

ethereal glow.png

Silestone Quartz

How Dekton is made