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Calacatta gold worktop with quartz island, wall cladding

Quartz Worktops

Our Silestone quartz worktops are extremely durable and also stain, scratch and scorch resistant. Silestone has a low liquid absorption rate which makes it the perfect material for where liquid exists. Due to its durability and low maintenance, Silestone comes with a 25 year warranty which makes it the perfect investment for the future.

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Dekton worktop Ireland

Dekton Range

The Dekton range is a sophisticated mixture of prime materials used to manufacture glass, modern porcelain and quart surfaces. A 25,000 tonne press turns the panel into a large-format highly resistant ultra-compact surface. Thanks to the manufacturing process, Dekton has a wide range of colors and textures. Dekton comes with a 25 year warranty and is resistant to everything.

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Granite worktop and granite island

Granite Worktops

The Sensa range by Cosentino is a natural granite surface and its properties enhance a stain resistant protection that makes them unique. The perfect surface if you are looking for granite worktops. Sensa comes with a 15 year warranty due to its high quality surface. Sensa granite worktops boasts a revolutionary protective treatment that makes them highly resistant to stains of all nature. Formed by nature, Sensa Granite slabs are unique in ways such as unrepeatable colors, texture and veining's.

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quartz bathroom vanity, quartz sink


Here at Granite and Marble Crafts we offer a wide range of bathroom materials from vanity tops to cladding. We believe that bathrooms are just as much a personal space as kitchens, an area of the home where one should feel completely and utterly relaxed and refreshed. So whether its an avant guard style bathroom or a more traditional style we have a wide range to suit your needs.

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