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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Our first blog is an introduction to us here at Granite and Marble Crafts, what we do, the materials we use, and the trends for 2023!

Here at Granite and Marble Crafts we have carefully curated the products that we use and are
always on the lookout for the newest up and coming trends in stone surfaces. We have been in
business for over 15 years and are proud to say we are one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers
in this industry. Our product range includes Silestone Quartz, Sensa protected Granite and
Dekton all by the leading producer and distributor Cosentino. Sustainability and Enviromental
protection are key to us here at Granite and Marble Crafts which is why we choose to use
Cosentino. They create their products using innovative initiatives to reduce carbon emissions
such as their use of recycled materials in their products and manufacture exclusively with
renewable energy.
Worktop trends have evolved in 2023 and are even more exciting than ever! Kitchens now act
as an additional living space rather than a place to prepare food and with that being said we
believe the worktop is an essential component of the kitchen and the surface you choose is the
foundation of your décor when designing your kitchen space.

A contemporary kitchen design using Dekton Rem on the surfaces. A dekton floating shelf and wall cladding

In terms of material selection, quartz worktops have dominated the kitchen countertop scene
for several years due to the durability and it’s high level of quality. Quartz offers so much choice in terms of colours that it can be tough to make a final decision, here are a few in house tips from our leading designers;
We would always recommend that you bring a sample home and look at it in daylight and in
the evening in your desired space so you can see the surface in different lights.
We would always advise our customers to pop onto our website to view the different textures,
patterns and materials we have before they decide on the style of worktop they are interested
in. Check out our Surfaces here

a silestone quartz moodboard

Our last tip is when you are planning the kitchen with your designer always take into account
the details of where you want the surface to be situated. Wall cladding is becoming so popular in kitchen design as well as having a continued surface in built in pantries or on open shelving.
An open plan kitchen area with a modern handless black kitchen and large island with a quartz worktop and waterfall gables

Waterfall ends on an Island is also a very popular design feature and adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen. These details will add to the overall look and feel to your desired space.

We believe that textures and finishes of worktops are becoming more important to our
customers, with many choosing materials that offer added visual interest. The Dekton brand
from Cosentino is the go to choice for us when customers are searching for something a little
different. For those of you who are not familiar with this innovative surface, it is made with a
combination of quartz, porcelain and glass that has been intensely heated and compacted to
create its inner strength. Resistant to stains, scratches and high temperatures this material is
the most durable surface for high traffic areas like your kitchen or bathroom. Customers who
are looking to introduce a slightly more modern or industrial feel to their home will definitely
be drawn to Dekton due to the tactile nature of the textured finish on these surfaces. View our Dekton surfaces here.

A modern wood handless kitchen with a dark  dekton worktop

If you are interested in incorporating some of these surfaces and trends into your home,
contact us at

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